Dr. Alvin Reines, PolydoxyIn 1972 a group of Dr. Reines’s students formed an organization by which they could share ideas and services among each other for what was then a radical concept. This group developed into the Institute of Creative Judaism (ICJ). Others became interested and a bulletin, “Polydoxy” was published as well as a newsletter, “The Communicator”.

By the 1980s, it was clear that the principle of Polydoxy underlies not just Reform Judaism but, rather, constitutes the universal essence of all religions that affirm the ultimate autonomy of their adherents. (Who other than one’s self gives a person the authority to form one’s own opinions regarding beliefs and practices or non-beliefs and non-practices?)

Although Jewish in origin, the name of the organization was changed to the Polydox Institute to include liberal religionists emerging from all the great traditions.

Upon the death of Dr. Reines in 2004, the Reines family and the Polydox Institute established a website, polydoxy.org, so that these materials are accessible to all. The original manuscripts are in the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati, Ohio.