Polydoxy, Theory

Polydox Judaism: A Statement

I am convinced the very survival of a modern Jewish community is dependent upon all liberal Jews arriving at the understanding the Polydoxy is the fundamental principle that underlies their various Judaisms.

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Rosh Hashanah, Holiday, Theory

Change and the Rosh Hashanah

Download Printable Version In a discussion of Rosh Hashanah, the holiday that symbolizes time and the inevitable changes that accompany time’s passage, it is appropriate to discuss a somewhat paradoxical phenomenon frequent among the Jews. This is the resistance to…

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Shevuot, Theory

Facts of Shevuot

The festival of Shevuot is an illustration of the evolutionary principle that a religious community survives only by periodic changes of its festivals and rituals, and theses in turn survive only by developing new and relevant meanings and functions.

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Chanukah, Theory

Facts of Chanukah

If justification were required for the re-creation of the Chanukah to serve the needs of our generation, critical study of the origins of Chanukah support this right.

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