Ethics, Theory

Dialogue on Suicide and Abortion

Download Printable Version I In his article “Reform Judaism, Bioethics, and Abortion” (Journal, Winter 1990), Alvin J. Reines advances an idea that is either meaningless, or else raises very serious moral questions, depending upon how one views his premise. His…

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Polydoxy, Theory

The Polydox Confederation

Download Printable Version Definitions Polydoxy is a religious or philosophy-of-life ideology whose essential principle is that every person possesses an inherent right to ultimate self-authority over her or his psyche and body. This principle will be referred to as the…

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Education, Theory

Reform Judaism: Defining Our Terms

The Counselors-in-Training (CIT) group was made up of 36 carefully selected entering 12th graders, who attended a modernised Jewish camp for 5 weeks. The CITs spent their time working with campers, and the rest with their own activities. These activities…

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