Marriage, Life Cycle, Service

Ketuba: A Nuptial Covenant

Download Printable Version KETUBA A NUPTIAL COVENANT   On the __________ day of the week, the __________ day of __________, __________, in __________, __________. We, __________, daughter of __________ and __________, and __________ son of __________ and __________, in the presence of family and friends,…

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Humanism, Non-Traditional Shabbat
Shabbat, Holiday, Service

A Shabbat Service

This is a Sabbath moment, a moment of divine quest. Together we have created a sanctuary of Israel. We are invested with the sounds of the spirit. We are gathered in mutual affirmation to seek the Sabbath of the soul.

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Unconventional Unitarian Havdalah Service
Shabbat, Service

A Havdalah Service

Download Printable Version Without Hebrew Download Printable Version With Hebrew Reader (Holding Shabbat Candle) The moments of Shabbat we have shared together are nearing an end. The songs of joy that have celebrated existence fade, and we turn once again…

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Yom Kippur, Holiday, Service

A Kol Nidre Service

Download Printable Version Group This is Yom Kippur, and the agony of existence is very near. This is Yom Kippur, and no matter the darkness, I must seek myself. Let not the pain of discovery keep guilt and anguish from…

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