Yes. It may also be said that it is a new “Jewish” religion or “Judaism.”

For a full understanding of the answer to this question it is important to recognize that Polydox Judaism is not the first new Jewish religion. On the contrary, the scientific study of the religious history of the Jews reveals that a number of new Jewish religions emerged over the ages in response to new intellectual, economic, political, and cultural conditions. Thus prophetic ethical monotheism was a new religion superseding an earlier lsraelite polytheism and henotheism; Pharisaic Judaism differed essentially from the Sadducean Judaism it replaced; Maimonidean philosophic Judaism is a totally different religion from Hasidic Judaism. Interesting to note, all presently existing Judaisms were at one time “new” Jewish religions, that is, no religion which can be said to have been the original “Judaism” presently exists.